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Hello there!

I’m a marketer, photographer, and entrepreneur. I have an academic background in Economics, and I’m currently studying for my second master’s degree in photography at Falmouth University in the UK while running my start-up at the same time. (Yes, it’s pretty hectic). In my professional career, I’ve managed marketing teams for various organisations in different cities, working with many great people from different cultures and backgrounds, which I immensely enjoyed. But I’ve decided to try something new. Life is too short to focus on just one thing.

In 2020, everything went stale because of the pandemic, and I hated being immobile. So instead of sitting at home waiting for the idleness to end, my ex-colleague and I got together and started a company. Being an entrepreneur requires an entirely different mindset and set of new skills. Transitions are never easy, especially when you are bootstrapping with minimal resources. But it has been a fascinating journey. It’s probably the second time I encountered the fastest personal growth. (You might want to read my blog to know when the first time was!)

This blog is created to document what I learnt, both as a personal record and a way to share my experience, views, and insights with anyone thinking about or building a business on their own.

If you’re a fellow entrepreneur or thinking about making the switch, or if you have new ideas that you want to share, please drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you!

You'll read about...

Starting a business

My entrepreneurial journey. Things that I learn along the way. Shortcuts, tips, tricks, and best practices. Plus productivity hacks that might help you, too.

Optimising (everything)

Maybe it’s just my Economics training – putting resources to optimal use is what I’m most interested in. I’ll write about ideas & tools that keep me productive.

My marketing career

I’ll share stories about marketing in different cities and industries, with a special focus on trends and consumer behaviour in China.

My photography

Who doesn’t love beautiful images, especially those created by yours truly 🙂 I’ll share moments of my life in the form of photography.

Books that help

Books save my life. If there’s only one thing I could take on a deserted island, that would be my Kindle. I’ll be sharing my latest recommendations.

Life & motivations

We all have ups and downs in life. People we treasure, struggles we have to get through. I’ll write about my general view of life and how I keep myself motivated.

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